Sailor moon dating simulator online

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Sailor moon dating simulator online

The goal of the game is to win love of Rei Hino by asking her out on dates, giving gifts and playing mini-games with her.

You have 15 days with one possible date (or other action) per day.

The soundtrack for third season includes all the Sailor Moon S make-up and attack music and the Outer Senshi make-up, appearance and attack music.

Not included are the opening theme (the second version of "Moonlight Densetsu", performed by Moon Lips) and the ending theme Tuxedo Mirage.

The player's goal in Sailor Moon Dating Simulator is to win love of Usagi Tsukino (the main character of Sailor Moon anime series) by asking her out on dates, giving her gifts or playing mini-games.

Rooin Mahmood the Indian, Pissenmiov the Russian, just behind, the Italian, Beinsilli...

Day 16 is the last one, the ending depends on your actions. If you get the best ending you'll receive a love letter from Rei (instead of a regular letter which means you failed to win her love) asking you for a date.Takanori Arisawa, who earned the "Golden Disk Grand Prize" from Columbia Records for his work on the first series soundtrack in 1993, composed and arranged the background musical scores, including the spinoffs, games, and movies.In 1998, 2000, and 2001 he won the JASRAC International Award for most international royalties, owing largely to the popularity of Sailor Moon music in other nations. – Preparatory course for international students Two legal systems in two different countries: „Magister of Law“ – Apply until Sept.Numerous people wrote and composed music for the Sailor Moon metaseries, with frequent lyrical contributions by creator Naoko Takeuchi.

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Also overlaps often with Real Joke Name, where someone laughs at what they think is a pun only to be told that that's actually the character's real name.(And they've Never Heard That One Before.) See also: Who's on First?

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