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Posted by / 18-Jun-2016 15:30

That could mean fewer people actually procreating and humans going to way of the dinosaurs - sort of.

Don’t worry though, all of this scarier than the Terminator tech is still a long way off yet.

"Once the robot is out you'll be able to connect the AI that's been created to the robot." Each doll is said to take about 80 hours to construct, and has facial features and genitalia that can be customised based on the user's preferences. Harmony 2.0 has been designed with the goal of "alleviating loneliness and helping individuals to conquer social anxiety and intimacy phobia", according to their website.

We’ve known for years that robots are the future of everything, TV has told us so.

And now, a timely disclaimer: Sex between two consenting adults is a marvelously fun and calorie-consuming activity that all should be able to enjoy.

First, there are the "escort" services in Japan and South Korea that let people rent out technologically-advanced sex dolls.

Though we already knew about American artist Matt Mc Mullen's "Real Dolls,", lifelike sex dolls that can be modeled after real people (like the one Ryan Gosling fell in love with in ), he's currently adding artificial intelligence so they can talk to their human companions.

Until then you’ll just have to make do with the latest tech-enhancement to your love life, VR.

We will happily be having sex with robots soon, according to scientists.

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“Always remember that with any of your cavities you must use the lubricants (of a single use) that you will find in each of the rooms.” Yes, we assume chafing on bits of plastic, metal or any other strange alloy would be particularly uncomfortable. Don’t worry, the company says – they’ve got you covered.