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Wang zi and rainie yang dating

She became a host without disrupting her acting career where she also received many projects.Yang began her career in 2000, as a member of Taiwanese girl-group 4 in Love, where she was given the stage name Rainie.On 8 January 2007, Yang recorded her last "Guess Guess Guess" show due to her busy schedule and focus upon her music/acting career.

Rainie Yang, who will turn 30 on 4 June 2014, had an early birthday celebration with her fans a few days ago.The group's popularity in the music industry was mediocre and they achieved limited success.After the group disbanded in 2002, Yang continued to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a TV host, hosting shows such as the variety show Guess Guess Guess.On Wednesday, it was reported that the couple had registered their marriage in China in July.Ronghao’s manager has denied the wedding rumours, while Rainie’s said the singer would make it public if she does get hitched Related: Rainie Yang is a mummy’s girl Rainie Yang’s new love interest is married?

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In recent days, Li Rong Hao accidentally posted an imitate picture of him with Rainie Yang together on Weibo but was quickly deleted afterward.

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