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They look bad, they sound bad and often times they smell bad.’In what he referred to as a ‘better world where we are in charge,’ he said that all black immigrants to America would be instructed on arrival: ‘If you try to have sex with our white handmaidens we will hang you.’He used profoundly offensive racist and mysogynistic language saying he was 'very proud' to do so as he regarded the terms as 'holy words' enshrined in the 'White Man's Bible,' in which, as a Creator, he believes. But the town may have run out of legal options to stop Cobb's march.

Thirteen years ago Mr Cook’s 17 year old daughter, Crystal was murdered by the then boyfriend of his ex-wife.

Twitter announced its new anti-harassment policy this week, which they immediately followed with the suspension of high profile accounts associated with white supremacists involved in the alt-right movement.While white supremacist Richard Spencer was giving a TV interview in Washington, he was sucker-punched by a protester.On Friday, Spencer was speaking about the anti-Trump protests and denouncing the violence he said was present in the protests when a masked protester decided to show him firsthand what he was claiming the protesters were all about.We all knew about Steve Bannon, the white nationalist senior adviser who came to Washington via with ideas about making America white again.Now there’s Stephen Miller, who is only 31 and on top of the world as the White House policy adviser behind Trump’s Muslim ban.

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The man rushed forward to hit Spencer in the cheek, and cameras captured the moment the alt-right leader was hit.

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